On-Site Coding Classes for Kids

On-Site Coding Classes for Kids

Ages 8+

gaming - robotics - web development - Programming

Prepare your kids for a computer science adventure here at Codingschool4kids! We teach robotics, game development, web development, and programming. From building a robot with Raspberry Pi, making lots of Scratch games, or building a fully functioning website, we have fun and exciting classes for kids of all levels and interests.

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Learn Programming

Learn Programming

And make a LOT of projects!

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Designed With Kids in Mind

Designed With Kids in Mind

We designed our curriculum with kids in mind. It's full of colors and visuals to make it more fun and engaging, and kids build fun games and projects that they can experiment with. We also have video lesssons for visual learners, and a level system so that kids can build up on the necessary concepts. Click on each card to learn more!

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  Interactive Learning

  •   Drag and Drop Operations
  •   Variables, Loops, Functions
  •   Create Games and Animations
  •   Speech, Text, User Input

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  Programming Basics

  •   What is Programming?
  •   Why Use Python?
  •   Idle/Terminal for Writing Code
  •   Numbers, Strings, Variables
  •   Datatypes, Casting, User Input

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  Conditions, Operators, Loops

  •   Various Types of Operators
  •   If/Else Statments
  •   If/Else w/Conditions
  •   For Loops & While Loops

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  Lists & Dictionaries

  •   Creating and Using Lists
  •   Creating and Using Dictionaries
  •   Tuples
  •   Looping Lists & Dictionaries

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  Functions & Files

  •   Understanding Functions
  •   Creating and Using Functions
  •   Open, Close, and Reading Files
  •   Writing and Appending to Files

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  Classes & OOP

  •   What is OOP?
  •   Classes & Objects
  •   Methods & Properties
  •   Inheritance, Extending, Overriding

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  •   Raspberry PI & GPIO
  •   Creating a Simple Circuit
  •   Controlling LED's
  •   Controlling Motors and Servos
  •   Working With Sensors
  •   Working With Rovers

unity gaming
  Unity Gaming

  •   Unity Hub
  •   Unity Editor
  •   Unity 2D and 3D
  •   Fully Functioning Games
  •   Standalone Games

pygame programming module
  Gaming Fundamentals

  •   Creating Basic Shapes
  •   Animating Shapes
  •   Fully Functioning Games
  •   Fully Functioning Games w/Animations

html, css, js Programming Languages
  Html, CSS

  •   Html Basics
  •   CSS Basics
  •   Html & CSS Together

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  •   Fundamentals of JavaScript
  •   Manipulating the DOM
  •   JavaScript with HTML + CSS
  •   Static Website Development

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  Fullstack w/Django

  •   What is Fullstack?
  •   Working With Django
  •   Integrating a Database
  •   Creating a Website

* These are estimates only, actual times depend on many factors.

Why Kids Should Learn Coding

Why Kids Should Learn Coding

Coding teaches logic, creativity, math, and problem solving skills. Plus it's fun!

Coding teaches logic, creativity, math, and problem solving skills. Plus it's fun!

Our programs are designed to teach:

  • Problem solving through full-stack development
  • Math and logic through gaming courses
  • Creativity through web development
  • Confidence through coding
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About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Programming is changing the world. From silicon valley startups to medical innovations, programming is taking over as the leading factor of innovation and problem-solving. We want to equip our students with the skills to solve pressing issues in today’s world and to become the future generation that will inspire change.

Class Schedule

*Based on availability
Day Time
Monday 4:45 p.m.
Monday 6 p.m.
Tuesday 4:45 p.m.
Tuesday 6 p.m.
Friday 4:45 p.m.
Friday 6 p.m.



Students are guaranteed two classes a week. If you want, you can book more classes for free based on availability. We chose two classes a week because it allows for increased memory retention and focus compared to the traditional, long weekly session.
Students follow our written and video platform. Our instructors answer their questions, explain tricky concepts, and check in on the students. Once they learn the basic concepts, we let them choose what they want to learn next so that they aren’t restricted. We believe in intuitive learning, and want to develop a culture in which students can understand why and how something works.
Currently, we have a month to month subscription, which auto-renews on your billing date. It's not a contract, so you can cancel any time if needed.
We recommend a minimum age of 7 to 8, because it's important for your child to be able to read and follow instructions. In our beginning Scratch courses, kids drag and drop "coding blocks". We teach them the programming principles using child-friendly analogies and terminology. Bring your child in for a class, kids can surprise us sometimes!
Each class is 1 hour long.

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